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How to Stop Beanies From Falling Off

A beanie is a brimless hat that fits close to the head. They’re common in the winter since they’re great at keeping your head warm and come in many styles and colors. One annoying problem that beanie wearers experience is slipping. Since this hat style hugs the head, it may come out of place or spring off your head as the day goes on. If your hands are busy doing a task or holding something, readjusting your beanie frequently can become irritating.

Here’s our top three tips for how to keep your beanie on your head.

1. Pull It Over Your Ears

While some beanie wearers adjust the hat to have their ears show, this makes it easier for the beanie to slip. The looser your beanie, the more likely it will fall off. Pulling your beanie down over your ears creates the most secure fit so it will stay in place for a while.

2. Turn the Edge Up

Since beanies do not have a brim, they can be worn straight down or turned up. Folding the edge of your beanie up all around or just in the back can make the band tighter, so it stays on your head better.

3. Use Bobby Pins

One method for how to stop beanie hats from falling off is as simple as the common bobby pin. You can find these pins in nearly any store if you don’t have them already, and the neutral colors blend well so they’re not visible. To use this method, put the beanie on your head. As you hold the hat in place, slide in a bobby pin so its wavy side is against your head and the straight side is on top of the hat brim.

Our POWERCAP®Line Has Beanie-Style Hats

POWERCAP 2.0 Black Fleece Lighted Beanie

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If you want to wear a comfortable, warm beanie for your outdoor activities, why settle for a basic option? Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® line includes beanies with built-in LED lights for hands-free lighting after the sun goes down or in dark areas. Your beanie can be both comfortable to wear and provide necessary lighting.

Our POWERCAP® beanies have four LED lights that shoot forward and down, so you’ll have total visibility wherever you look. These lights emit 48 lumens so you can see well in any setting. They’re powered by four 3-volt batteries that last up to 68 hours for a reliable charge.

This hat style is great for activities like camping, exercise, home improvement projects and hunting. With your headlamp providing light, you’ll be able to focus on holding your equipment.

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Panther Vision offers lighted beanies and other products that provide top value and dependability. You can count on POWERCAP® beanies to provide the lighting you need, whether you’re working on your car in a dark garage or hunting in the early morning. Our products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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